35 Indian Wedding Jewelry For Every Bride To Stand Out

The tradition of putting on jewelry is an ancient tradition in India that dates back almost 5,000 years. Women and jewelry are inseparable. Throughout history, the art of making ornaments with preciseness and delicacy has flourished. As compared to other cultures, Indian jewelry has always been excessive. Legend has it, that when a girl is born into an Indian family, they start accumulating jewelry and money for her wedding from day one.
Jewelry other than the necklaces and earrings

Traditional ornaments like armlet or Bajubandh and waist band or Kamarbandh have also gained popularity these days. As you move back to the history of India you will find that the armlets and intricately designed waist bands were adorned by queens and ladies hailing from the royal dynasties. Nose piercing has also become quite stylish and to add an extra glamor, a Nath or a nose ring can be worn. An anklet is also a vital accessory for an Indian bride. These ornaments with trendy design will add extra richness to your look.

Jewelry for the head

Another piece of ornament that has been a part of every bride’s jewelry is a tiara or a Maangtika. This has been a part of Indian brides since a long time and is still an essential piece of ornament. Unlike the traditional maangtikas that were usually made of gold, maangtikas are now given a new shape by using diamonds and other precious stones.

One of the biggest trends in Indian wedding jewelry is the addition of diamonds. While most jewelry sets contain gold and various jewels, diamond-studded adornments are a new way to blend modern traditions with old while allowing the bride to shine even more. Another trend is Kundan jewellery sets for weddings or pre-wedding events, such as engagement parties and bridal showers. Beautiful gemstones are mounted skillfully in gold, originally crafted for Rajasthan or Gujarat royalty. This is the oldest method of jewelry making in India. Kundan sets typically comprise of a large statement necklace and drop earrings, but a popular trends show Kundan-style craftsmanship in all aspects of Indian bridal jewelry today.

A bride should sparkle on her wedding day. Instead of choosing plain, everyday jewelry, most brides choose to mix and match breath-taking jewelry with their dresses. Colorful gems, intricate gold settings, and hand-crafted metal work all help women everywhere stand out as a beautiful bride.