40+ Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses are Always In Style

In today’s modern world, women give great importance to their dressing. They spend long hours in shopping for parties and weddings. Today, various types of wedding dresses are available in the market. Modern and traditional dresses are being purchased on regular basis. One such popular modern dress is a long sleeve wedding dress or a long sleeve bridal gown. This beautiful dress gives a great look and considered by most of women for their wedding. So, here are some reasons which explain why long sleeve wedding dresses are much better than other type of dresses.


When you are thinking about your winter wedding, look at some wedding dresses that have sheer fabric at the top with lacy embroidery accents. Lace, while sometimes perceived as old-fashioned, is quickly making a comeback with today’s brides. Winter white lace is a very beautiful and classical tribute to a wedding held in the wintertime. Sheer long sleeves and necklines can be gorgeously accented or appliqued with the lace and some rhinestones for extra shimmer.


Try Classic Long Sleeves

Long sleeved wedding dresses have come quite a long way with brides. Once considered out of fashion, sleeves on these gowns are seen more and more on today’s fashion runways. Long sleeved gowns are very vogue and upscale, and are very appropriate for any winter wedding. If you are concerned about a long sleeved dress being too matronly, you can simply have some younger elements added. You could consider a lower neckline or cutouts on the back of the bodice to add some youthful flair to your gown.

Another beautiful way to bring the winter into your wedding gown is to incorporate some faux fur accents. Adding a white faux fur bolero is a perfect way to add some winter luxury while keeping you nice and warm at the same time.