40+ Wedding Sand Ceremony For Every Wedding

Your wedding marks the start of your lifetime journey to love and life, which is why a number of traditional union ceremonies are observed during this celebration. Incorporating these practices into your wedding will certainly make it more special and meaningful. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to squeeze all these practices to your wedding. You only need to choose one. Observing a wedding sand ceremony makes a great choice for does not only involve the new couple but their families as well.

Smart set up. You need to think of the spot where your guests can have the best view of your sand ceremony instead of just looking through your backside. A suggestion would be a small table where the officiant stands in the middle and facing the guests while the couple stands facing each other with the table in between. Another option would be the couple, standing side by side facing the guests while the officiant standing to one side.

Setting the scene. A bare table in front of your guest with a jar of sand and a vase will look like something that is unplanned. Pay attention to details. Choose a small table so the vessel or the vase will not be visually lost. Choose a nice table cloth or a pretty table runner to dress it up. Set up the table and add accents such as flowers that match the wedding theme. You can also scatter rose petals, shells and other accents that can make the table visually interesting.


Once the ceremony begins, the officiant will pour the white sand into the main large vase to symbolize the importance of the bride and grooms faith in their relationship.
The Groom then will begin to pour a small portion of his colored sand into the large glass vase.
Once the groom stops pouring, the Bride will follow by pouring a small portion of her colored sand into the large main vase.
The bride and groom will continue pouring their sand in intervals creating layers of sand. When they each get close to the end of their sand, the bride and groom will simultaneously pour the balance of their sand into the vase together completing their unity ceremony. The blending of the two sands at the same time symbolizes the joining of the bride and groom in unity.

Once they are done with pouring of the sand, the bride or groom will cover the top with the provided stopper that came with the unity sand set.

As the practice of this intimate ceremony becomes more popular, shopping for wedding sand ceremony items and kits is now easier. Wedding websites are now featuring these items. With their comprehensive product listing, comparing the prices and designs of every kit is made easier.