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40 Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Wedding Themes & Ideas

Searching for a vintage wedding ideas can be more fun than finding any other types of modern ideas. Vintage includes fashions from the past and each of them has their own unique styles. If you manage to find your perfect vintage ideas, you will probably feel very satisfying and fulfilling as you have recreated something of the past. You will probably want to extend vintage to your other accompanying accessory items too.

Creating vintage wedding invitations with the correct stationery designs will certainly start things off properly. You can also get invitations that have vintage coloring along with edges that have been worn to give it an even more authentic look. Next, ensure you’re selecting a type style, or font, that brings one to mind of a bygone era. There are a lot of fonts for that and depending on the specific era you’ve chosen, whether it be a Victorian type wedding or from the Old West, having the right font will definitely bring out the attitude you want.

Before selecting any dress, it is always good to get yourself familiar with the various vintage wedding styles:

In the 1920s, it is common to have dresses embodied the flapper with fun dresses and hemlines that may make your mother blush. Lace, silks, and netting were quite popular in those days which are in line with the Art Deco movement.

Then, in the 1930’s, sparkling rhinestones are the fashions. Hollywood played a major influence on the styles and designs. Dresses made from silk or satin were common then.

The 1940’s brides loved to display a glamor look by wearing padded shoulders, sweetheart necklines and long point sleeves. Princess gowns were popular in the 1950s with wedding dresses usually designed in ballerina styles and full skirts. Being elegant and clean, you can borrow something from the 1930’s Hollywood glamor and blend it to match the style you like.

With the rise of all-inclusive hotel wedding packages, it seems that many modern weddings are very predictable. There’s the ceremony, the champagne reception, the photos, the wedding breakfast, speeches, cutting the cake, and a first dance… They even provide you with a master of ceremonies to announce each stage of the day as it progresses (watch out for the black-suited woman with her hair in a bun and a monotonic voice). Perhaps you’d like something different.

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40+ Inspiring Backyard Wedding Ideas for an Inexpensive Wedding

Backyard weddings are very romantic and can be expensive or inexpensive; it all depends on your budget and your ideas for your big day.

We will take the expensive options first, this route means using a backyard wedding venue that will arrange for every subject you could wish for from the backyard “chapel” for the ceremony, to the reception either inside or, to keep the backyard theme in a marquise. There are numerous venues offering their services either recommendation in every state in the union, so selecting the right venue for you again comes down to your budget and your imagination.

The starting point for your planning is how many guests you are going to invite, and a wild guess of how many of those you invite will be able to come. This figure has two vital uses one is fiscal, the figure will also be vital for determining which of the venues will be suitable for your big day.You know there are going to be people, usually relatives, who you know you have to ask but who will not be able to come, there will also be some who will be out of town depending on the time of year.

However you arrive at the magic number then that’s the one to go with, you can then look at the possible choices and match them up with your numbers. The most unpredictable will be the weather, make sure the venue has the capability to make alternative arrangements if the it starts to rain, or worse.

So finally you get down to a shortlist of about 3, then you need to go through the services they offer and check that the services, and the prices, they are quoting include everything you will need (chairs, tables, food, decoration, glasses, etc.) for the reception, don’t forget the dance floor for the evening, plus the arrangements for the ceremony,chairs, decorations, flowers make a list make sure that there will be no nasty surprises when the final total is arrived at. Compare all the quotes, see which you feel offer the best value, in the style you set your heart on.

Then we have the backyard weddings using your own property where the cash available means that you have to do most of the work yourself, with the help of family and friends, this means that you can have fun arranging your wedding the way you want it, it gives you an fabulous chance to be original.

Dress up your backyard wedding with a gazebo or two to cover your guests, then for that picture perfect backdrop have a wedding arch. They can be inexpensive and when decorated with flowers and or lights will give you a backdrop for the ceremony and for those all significant wedding photographs.

Just because you are having a home backyard wedding does not mean that your wedding theme options are limited to only florals or cactus or anything of the sort. You can use any wedding theme you like. You can be bold and creative in your choice or you can be traditional or classic or out of the ordinary. All wedding themes, as long as it suits your budget and dreams, is perfect for a home backyard wedding.

Outdoor weddings especially backyard weddings are so special and very romantic. Whichever way you go, it is your days make sure it is what you want, backyard weddings are so beautiful, especially with the spring flowers or with the autumn colors.

After 40 years in the hotel and restaurant business during which time I organised countless wedding receptions, these article and my weekly blog is my way of passing on a few tips that I hope you enjoy

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30+ Ideas for Summer Weddings You’ll Want to Steal

Summer is the season for weddings, the weather is great and flowers are cheaper than they would be in winter and most of the family can come without the fear of being stranded at the airport because of snow storms. The sunshine had come out to ensure the wedding of footballer Benji and his wife-to-be Sabine had the perfect backdrop. For the month before the excitement had been growing amongst the players and supporters of St Cernin de l’Herm, a village in the south west of France, as the day came ever closer.

Here are some summer colors, and ideas for an elegant summer wedding with suggestions for center pieces and the wedding reception.

Summer means that you can combine a lot of bright colors, it’s best to pick from nature’s palette and go with flower colors which make it easier to pick out the bouquet and the center pieces. You can never go wrong with green in summer; it’s your basic color for most weddings. Even if it were a winter wedding, moss green would be used to give the flowers a complete look so leaving out a fresh bright grass green in a summer wedding is a huge mistake. Combine vibrant colors like bright sky blue or pink. You can go for a white base color and add all your favorite colors in bright tones or you can go with some select tones.

Weather- Everyone loves breezy summer days and it is the perfect weather to enjoy to the fullest. You don’t have to worry about snow or surviving in extreme cold conditions. The weather during summers is more consistent and you can incorporate a lot of things in your planning.

Outdoor Options- Summer is the best time to plan an outdoor wedding. Guests don’t like to be restricted to an indoor place while enjoying the wedding ceremony. Also you don’t have to plan for alternate option in case it rains or snows. You can easily plan for a beach or a garden wedding during this time. Everyone including the bride and the groom can enjoy the outside beauty to the fullest along with the ceremonies.

Good Availability of flowers- The availability of flowers is at its best during this time of the year. You can get a wide variety of flowers to help you decorate the wedding venue and your wedding bouquet. Also during summers bright coloured flowers don’t look out of place.

Higher guest turnout- You can expect greater availability of friends and family during this season. It is usually vacation time and also the time when people don’t have much trouble travelling from one place to another.

While an outdoor wedding is a fun idea, your wedding reception should always be indoors for one simple reason, Picnic Ants! Eating out may not be everyone’s idea of fun so it’s best to arrange the reception indoors. You can’t do without a wedding cake but since its summer, try and keep the rest of the menu light. A little food feels a lot heavier in summer than it would in winter where you can wash it down with a cup of coffee. Add fresh fruit and fresh fruit arrangements to the menu, there’s nothing more luxurious than having a huge variety of exotic summer fruits at your reception to give your wedding arrangements the perfect finish. It’s definitely something that would add the wow factor. Of course fruit doesn’t keep cheap so a unique way to add fresh fruit to your wedding is by using fresh fruit bouquets, like the Mango Kiwi Blossom Dipped Strawberries which has a large variety of fruits.

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Unique Wedding Ideas For Every Budget

A unique wedding theme creates a warm, earthy, organic, and romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for any winter wedding! Whether your wedding will be in a trendy loft in the city or a charming farm house in the country, this fun & unique wedding theme will work great for any budget.

When I invasion a unique wedding, I picture a sophisticated, sort-of country style, using lot’s of natural elements to decorate. This creates a lot of opportunity for do-it-yourself projects, using things that might even come from your own back yard, such as twigs, bark, pinecones or berries.

Here are some really chic unique ideas for your wedding reception table centerpieces:

– Use vintage tin pails for your flowers. A unique red color looks stunning, especially if the container is a little worn, showing some of the silver tin where the paint has rubbed off. Antique stores and flea markets usually have plenty of these to choose from. Or, if you’re not on a tight budget, you can purchase them from places like Pottery Barn.

– Use fruits and vegetables, like artichoke, pears, apples, or eggplant as your main focal point, placing them in unique vintage containers. Add other elements in and around your fruit or vegetable centerpieces like herbs, flowers, twine, and candles to tie the look in.

– Branches look wonderful incorporated into a centerpiece, either being placed in tall vases or just simply resting on the table along with your other centerpiece decorations. You can save a lot of money by collecting branches, sticks, and twigs yourself, or you can choose to purchase them at craft stores.

– A large slice of wood from a tree trunk work great as a stand for your centerpieces. You can even personalize each one on a corner with the initials of the bride and groom and wedding date, perhaps surrounded by a heart. Place centerpiece items on top of it, like glass cylinder vases filled with candles and wrapped with ribbon, and then maybe some dried flowers resting around the base of the vases.

– Create your own unique candles or flower pots by simply purchasing or finding old glass jars and tins, and then wrapping and decorating them with things like cinnamon sticks, vines, twigs, twine, moss, fabric, or even buttons!

– An easy way to incorporate a lot of natural elements is by using things like berries, walnut shells, acorns, pinecones and rocks in your glass candle holders or in the vases holding your branches, twigs or flowers.

– Vintage wooden bird cages can add a really charming touch to your centerpieces. Surround them with things such as moss balls, flowers, and candles.

– Lanterns are one of my favorite centerpieces. A large oil rubbed bronze or black lantern surrounded by moss and river rocks looks stunning! It’s also easy to accomplish on a budget.

Don’t be afraid to let each table have it’s own unique style. With a unique style, you don’t want a uniform look anyway! If fact, you can choose to have each table be completely different and then give each one it’s own unique name. For instance, you can have a “walk in the woods” table using lots of wood elements and candles, and perhaps a “romantically unique” table using lots of antiques and ruby reds.

The greatest thing about choosing a unique wedding theme is that you can really let your creative side shine and have fun with it!

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40 Unique Ideas for a Cozy Winter Wedding

How do you imagine your winter wedding?Is it just like every other wedding, or is it playful and spirited, with whimsical decorations, a special menu? With the crisp, clean air rustling through the ancient pines, your mind races around all the things to come in your future life with the one you love. That’s right. You are having a Winter Wedding!

Many of the guests are able to come since it’s not the busy season for many businesses. The only businesses that will be booming are the rental cars and hotels because it will be much easier to get a car and room this time of year.

As previously stated, a tuxedo can be quite warm for not only the groom, but also the groomsmen. So the fact that he (the groom) doesn’t have too much sweat forming on his brow and the groomsman aren’t falling out from heat exhaustion makes for a better special day.

Just the fact that there aren’t any flies, mosquitoes, or gnats chewing on the wedding party and guests is quite satisfying. Not to mention that one obnoxious female who always wears her skirt too short will also have to wear a long dress or maybe even a coat.

Inside a sanctuary or roomy cabin would probably be the best option during bitter cold or snowy weather. But to have a snowy backdrop in those special photos just seems spectacular.

There are certainly some charming winter wedding invitations made in the more traditional paper format. A cute idea for a cozy reception in a rustic ski lodge is stationery made with a classic red and white Nordic ski sweater pattern. You could even customize it with a monogram across the top that is designed to look like it was knit. Yes, there really is a knitting font available for both Macs and pcs! It would look wonderful to present the invitation in a brown paper envelope tied up with a red piece of yarn. Everyone would definitely get the style of your wedding from these special invitations.

Making homemade wedding favors also allows for more personality to show through. You can modify some favors for special guests such as parents of the bride and groom as well as the wedding party participants.

In her book The Perfect Wedding Details, Maria Mcbride not only gives you great ideas on creating wedding favors, but she also gives ways that you can tie your whole wedding theme together with ideas for centerpieces, reception items, and decoration ideas. This is a great book for the bride and groom who are on a budget and doing a lot of the foot work themselves.

Vintage wooden bird cages can add a really charming touch to your centerpieces. Surround them with things such as moss balls, flowers, and candles.

Lanterns are one of my favorite centerpieces. A large oil rubbed bronze or black lantern surrounded by moss and river rocks looks stunning! It’s also easy to accomplish on a budget.

Don’t be afraid to let each table have it’s own unique style. With a rustic style, you don’t want a uniform look anyway! If fact, you can choose to have each table be completely different and then give each one it’s own unique name. For instance, you can have a “walk in the woods” table using lots of wood elements and candles, and perhaps a “romantically rustic” table using lots of antiques and ruby reds.

The greatest thing about choosing a rustic wedding theme is that you can really let your creative side shine and have fun with it!

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30+ Cheap Wedding Ideas On A Small Budget

Maybe cheap isn’t the right word to use here. I mean, nobody wants to look back on their wedding and use the word “cheap” to describe their perfect day. Luckily for us, earth-friendly, green, vintage, and rustic wedding themes are all the new rage – and they can be done beautifully on any budget! Here are some of my favorite cheap wedding reception decoration ideas: Mason jars make for charming vases, candle holders, wedding favors, and hanging lanterns. They can be purchased most commonly in clear, teal, blue, and green, but they can be decorated to your liking with things like lace, ribbon, or burlap. Turning your mason jars into candle holders is easy, filling it with things like sand, salt, acorns, rocks, or anything else that matches your wedding theme.

Cheap wedding favors that will still impress your guests can be a tremendous challenge. However, gifts for your guests do not have to cost a fortune in order to be elegant and beautiful. There is a wide variety of beautiful pre-made inexpensive wedding favors to choose from. To save more money, you can even make them yourself. Budget minded brides know that weddings are expensive, so they search for creative ways to save. DIY favors are the perfect choice for using creativity to save money.

Homemade coasters are excellent for wedding favors on a budget, and your guests are sure to use them for years to come. Beautiful handmade coasters can be created with ceramic tiles found at the local hardware store, a flat paintbrush, a picture of the bride and groom or one that fits with the wedding them, ribbon, and decoupage medium. To make the coaster, apply a thin layer of decoupage medium to the tile, place the picture you have chosen on the tile, and gently smooth to remove any bubbles. If you need a large quantity of coasters, it is easier to apply the pictures to each tile before continuing to the next step. Once the decoupage medium has dried, apply another two coats of the decoupage medium to each tile, allowing the glue to dry between coats. Finish the look of elegance by tying a coordinating ribbon around each coaster.

While you may shy away from fresh flowers at first due to the typical expense, there are many ways to use flowers without spending a huge sum of money. Use less expensive flowers that still give a burst of color to the room, such as daisies and lots of greenery. If you are having a vintage or rustic wedding, you can find old jars and fun cans from supply stores to use as containers. Or, you can make your flower arrangements very stylish by have just a few striking flowers in a tall vase surrounded by tea candles.Take the cue for your wedding table decorations from your reception room, wedding colors, and wedding theme. Then take a close look at your budget and establish a fixed limit for all your decorations.

No matter your budget, with a little bit of creativity and research, you can have an impressive and enjoyable wedding day without being lavish or over the top. Planning a wedding doesn’t always have to be expensive-if you’re creative and willing to do a little bit of research, you can have a gorgeous and cheap reception!

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30+ Gorgeous Beach Wedding Ideas for 2019

Most weddings take place indoors. They are mostly held at church halls, town halls or some other enclosed place. This wedding style is so monotonous that it has almost become a bore. For a change and to excite your guests, you can have a beach wedding. As the most popular outdoor wedding, the beach affords you the opportunity to break away from common practice. Again, for the couple who want to be free, beach weddings allow you to break away from restricting protocols and do your own thing. It is a cheap form of wedding where most expensive items needed at formal occasions are absent.

There are a number of different ways to incorporate beach wedding decorations into your wedding. The theme would definitely include some beautiful elements to give a feel of beach such as sand, umbrellas, beach balls, beach chairs, umbrellas and a lot more. Additionally, the food can be chosen from the beach barbecue variety. In case, you are ready to take this to a new level altogether, try diving deep into the world of beach wedding favors. These favors will work as precious little gems and add to nice souvenir effect for the most special day of your life.

The beach wedding decorations should include a lot of sea shell based items. These are definitely a wonderful way to start your day. You can also include a beautiful sea shell bottle opener or stopper to celebrate the event with a nice bottle of wine. Many other items such as sea shell themed bookmarks and card holders, candle holders etc. should share an important place in your life. You may use tropical flowers such as hibiscus, plumerias and anthuriums. Another wonderful idea you can adopt is to create a centerpiece with a large glass bowl filled with colored sands. Top it with a variety of seashells to create the effect.

Beach weddings should be approached with care. You must make sure that the weather is favorable and that you will not inconvenience your guests in any way. Again, you must provide contingency shelter for them in case the weather gets bad. Most importantly, the landscape must be very suitable for holding a large number of guests. You need to get flat site at the beach with beautiful background for great pictures. You must also seek the services of a skilled florist as the beach wedding lacks walls her much of the decoration in regular weddings take place. If you give thoughtful consideration to all of these, you will be off to a great beach wedding event.

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30+ Creative and Fun DIY Wedding Ideas

Having a budget wedding doesn’t necessarily have to mean you can’t have creative and fun details, including a beautifully made custom wedding dress that comes in well within your budget. Creativity certainly doesn’t have to cost a lot, and if you need to follow a strict budget but still want an elegant and unique wedding, the following DIY ideas could be just what you’re looking for. The tips below will not only spruce up your big day, but will also impress your guests almost as much as your custom wedding dress. Almost…

Mason jars are cheap (especially when bought in bulk) and they can be incorporated in so many ways in the décor of your reception. They can be used as vases for table centrepieces, as decorations or enclosures for light fixtures, or even as containers for your party favours.

If you want to remember all the details of your big day, apart from getting out your custom wedding dress once a year for a whirl, why not create a guestbook for guests to leave you a message? A traditional guestbook might be a little passé, especially if you are aiming for a unique and quirky theme, so an alternative would be to have big bottle in place of a guestbook, and your guests can sign their name on corks, small pieces of paper, or mini scrolls. Afterwards, the bottle makes a great decoration for you to take home and a wonderful remembrance of the most important day of your life spent with loved ones.

Wedding favors are easy to make yourself because they are a gift from the heart. If you choose a ready-made wedding favor, you can personalize it to your wedding theme or even to each individual guest. By adding ribbon, a printed label or card can increase the perceived value of your wedding favors without breaking the bank.

Add an even more personal touch by having a custom monogram stamp created so you can make your own envelope seals, note cards or thank you notes.

DIY weddings are just as elegant as traditional, more costly weddings. Only you and your fiancé will know the corners you cut. And you can enjoy spending the money saved on a spectacular honeymoon!

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40+ Outdoor Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Wonderful

Outdoor wedding ideas are easier to come by since nature will lend a huge helping hand. Any wedding is a life-changing event, but an outdoor wedding is an event that will keep your guests talking for years to come, if it is properly planned.

First and foremost you have to consider what the weather will be like at the time of your wedding. If your wedding is planned for the middle of the summertime, then you know it will be hot. You should consider ways to keep yours guest cool. Have plenty of ice cold water bottles on hand. You could have fans passed out to the guests with the wedding couple’s names and date printed on them. They would be a wedding memento and a great way to stay cool.

If you have decided on a winter time outdoor wedding then you have the complete opposite problem. How will you keep the guest from freezing? You should remind your guest to bring a jacket or you could have a basket of gloves for the guest to grab a pair before the ceremony. Have the couple’s names and the wedding date embroider on the gloves.

I can not stress this fact enough, always and I do mean always, have a back up plan when having an outdoor wedding. No one can control the weather and that includes a bride. The best idea is to have a back up indoor location in case of rain. Usually people choose to have an indoor reception if the wedding is outdoors, and this serves as the back up location in case of bad weather.

Now for some decorating tips for outside weddings, I personally think less is more. If you have a beautiful location picked out for the wedding ceremony there really is not much you should not. If you add too much then you will subtract from the natural beauty. A few strategically placed flower arrangements and chairs for your guest.

Discuss and brainstorm outdoor wedding ideas with your partner thoroughly. With a little bit of preparation and planning you can have a successful and memorable wedding for yourself or for the person that trusted you with the preparation.

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50+ Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

A rustic theme is becoming one of the fastest-growing wedding trends. It’s easy to see why. They’re simple and can be fairly inexpensive compared to that of a traditional formal setting.

How to Achieve the Rustic Theme
You can choose from a wide range of items to achieve this setting. Materials such as bark, flowers, foliage and evergreens, tree logs, burlap and tin cans may be used. These items, combined with mason jars filled with flowers, pine cones, and goods wrapped in twine can complete the nature look.

The rustic theme can be used throughout the event décor from the invitations right through to the thank-you cards. Wedding or party stationery such as invitations, menus and place holders can embrace the rustic feeling by adding some kind of wooden or nature element whether it be literal or simply an image of these things. You could use wooden tables for the reception, covered in a burlap table cloth. Perhaps you want to have mason jars filled with native flowers and greenery that is wrapped with natural twine as the table-center pieces or even several votive candles placed in a hollowed out tree log.

The rest of the event décor can play on this theme by sporadically placing props around the party, a log here and there, wooden signs, wooden troughs, and other earthy colored materials. Some weddings even have animals on site to really showcase the theme.

Your chosen menu may incorporate home-made cuisines for all or part of the meal course. For example, home-made pumpkin soup, local produced wines and cheeses and apple and rhubarb pie may be on the menu.

Even the cake can be used to take on the rustic theme, where the chosen design represents wood or be in natural colors.

Your rustic wedding can be as much of a family reunion or barbecue as it is the day you say “I do”. What a fun way to celebrate and begin your life together! Everyone is sure to have a ball. Your friends and family will be talking about what a great time they had at your rustic wedding for years to come.