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40+ Outdoor Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Wonderful

Outdoor wedding ideas are easier to come by since nature will lend a huge helping hand. Any wedding is a life-changing event, but an outdoor wedding is an event that will keep your guests talking for years to come, if it is properly planned.

First and foremost you have to consider what the weather will be like at the time of your wedding. If your wedding is planned for the middle of the summertime, then you know it will be hot. You should consider ways to keep yours guest cool. Have plenty of ice cold water bottles on hand. You could have fans passed out to the guests with the wedding couple’s names and date printed on them. They would be a wedding memento and a great way to stay cool.

If you have decided on a winter time outdoor wedding then you have the complete opposite problem. How will you keep the guest from freezing? You should remind your guest to bring a jacket or you could have a basket of gloves for the guest to grab a pair before the ceremony. Have the couple’s names and the wedding date embroider on the gloves.

I can not stress this fact enough, always and I do mean always, have a back up plan when having an outdoor wedding. No one can control the weather and that includes a bride. The best idea is to have a back up indoor location in case of rain. Usually people choose to have an indoor reception if the wedding is outdoors, and this serves as the back up location in case of bad weather.

Now for some decorating tips for outside weddings, I personally think less is more. If you have a beautiful location picked out for the wedding ceremony there really is not much you should not. If you add too much then you will subtract from the natural beauty. A few strategically placed flower arrangements and chairs for your guest.

Discuss and brainstorm outdoor wedding ideas with your partner thoroughly. With a little bit of preparation and planning you can have a successful and memorable wedding for yourself or for the person that trusted you with the preparation.

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50+ Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

A rustic theme is becoming one of the fastest-growing wedding trends. It’s easy to see why. They’re simple and can be fairly inexpensive compared to that of a traditional formal setting.

How to Achieve the Rustic Theme
You can choose from a wide range of items to achieve this setting. Materials such as bark, flowers, foliage and evergreens, tree logs, burlap and tin cans may be used. These items, combined with mason jars filled with flowers, pine cones, and goods wrapped in twine can complete the nature look.

The rustic theme can be used throughout the event décor from the invitations right through to the thank-you cards. Wedding or party stationery such as invitations, menus and place holders can embrace the rustic feeling by adding some kind of wooden or nature element whether it be literal or simply an image of these things. You could use wooden tables for the reception, covered in a burlap table cloth. Perhaps you want to have mason jars filled with native flowers and greenery that is wrapped with natural twine as the table-center pieces or even several votive candles placed in a hollowed out tree log.

The rest of the event décor can play on this theme by sporadically placing props around the party, a log here and there, wooden signs, wooden troughs, and other earthy colored materials. Some weddings even have animals on site to really showcase the theme.

Your chosen menu may incorporate home-made cuisines for all or part of the meal course. For example, home-made pumpkin soup, local produced wines and cheeses and apple and rhubarb pie may be on the menu.

Even the cake can be used to take on the rustic theme, where the chosen design represents wood or be in natural colors.

Your rustic wedding can be as much of a family reunion or barbecue as it is the day you say “I do”. What a fun way to celebrate and begin your life together! Everyone is sure to have a ball. Your friends and family will be talking about what a great time they had at your rustic wedding for years to come.

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40+ Fabulous Fall & Autumn Wedding Ideas

Many couples getting married dream of a fall wedding when autumn is at the peak of its colorful spectrum. There are many advantages to having a wedding in autumn. For one thing, you don’t have to schedule around your friends’ and families’ vacations. An autumn wedding provides a chance to employ an array of fabulous ideas for décor, food, fashion and more.

Here are just a few to consider as you plan your upcoming nuptials. You can work with your wedding planner and event venue to find the right ones for you.

Warm colors like chocolate and wine are popular colors for fall bridesmaids’ dresses. Some brides choose subtle orange or other rich fall colors. Why not get some light wraps as a gift for your bridesmaids in case it gets chilly as the day turns into evening? A pop of color can transform a dress that will be appreciated by all.

Food can be a huge concern for many at a wedding. A large factor in choosing what food to serve is the time of the reception. If you have an early reception, why not opt for light finger foods such as a meat and cheese tray. Also, for an extra touch, a bowl of fall berries (think blueberries, raspberries, apples) could be placed at each table for guests to nibble on. If you’re planning on having a dinner reception, fall is all about hearty soups with lots of vegetables. Give guests a choice of soup or chili as well as the usual choice of steak or chicken. And for dessert? Pumpkin pie and apple pie, naturally! If you’re still stumped, consider an activity at the reception that everyone can take part in: Carving pumpkins.

Unique wedding venues can be the perfect backdrop for a fall wedding. Explore the endless options and you’ll find a variety of legendary locations. Your guests can enjoy the colorful foliage and flowers, and you can throw in some strategically-placed hay bales and pumpkins for extra ambiance. The flower girls can even make their entrance down the aisle on a hay wagon if the couple chooses.

You can go all out and choose invitations and stationery decorated with pumpkins and leaves or you can be a little more subtle and just use colors that reflect the season for the invitation colors, printing or envelopes. Some great colors include dark yellow, orange, cooper, brown and red.

A final idea is to simply name your reception tables after the rich colors of fall. It would be a seasonal yet understated idea, perfect for the bride who prefers elegance over an obvious theme. Let the head table be named after your personal favorite hue, perhaps the color you chose for your crystal bridal jewelry or flowers. Classic fall shades include pumpkin, eggplant, forest green, olive green, mushroom, russet, and goldenrod, just to name a few. Taking the time to choose unique table names is so easy that it is a wonder every bride and groom do not!

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The Best Wedding Hairstyles To Inspire You to Build Your Own

If you are a bride to be and a bit confused on what hairstyle you should go for on your wedding day, then fret no more, I have here some lovely hairstyles from which you can choose.

If you want to go for a sweet and sophisticated look that is rolled into one, then the braided bun is for you. All you need to do is tuck and twist your do up. The braided bun is fit for a seaside party or a much fascinating ballroom affair.

The true romance hairstyle is a bit more of a wispier edition of the undone up do. This is a hairstyle that you can dress up or dress down with only a few tactical placing of hairpins.

The undone up do is a more creative handling with the up dos, and the style it accentuates is unquestionably less rigid. This hairstyle is not meant to be perfect; you can be flexible with this style and recreate it.

The couture curls hairstyle is a hairstyle that will require your hair volume to be maximized and arrange it in a half-up do and add some loose curls. If there are a few loose strands, you can clip them up with a profligate barrette that will give you a sultry style.

These days, the down do’s hairstyles are much hotter that ever, and that includes the swept-away style. This style has just loose enough curls that you sweep to the side and settle it there with a unique and exceptional barrette or comb.

The tease hairstyle will necessitate you to pump up the volume of your hair. Aside from pumping up the volume, you intentionally place some barrettes and a few more spritzes of hair spray, so that you can keep the curly coif away from your eyes.

The retro glamour is my favorite, this is a half-up headband style, but is indeed at the height of fashion very much trendy, a guaranteed classic. You need not worry if your hair texture is fine or maybe thick, it is suitable for anyone, but the length of your hair is the only thing that is necessary for this hairstyle.

Have you seen a center parted hairstyle? You may think it looks a bit severe. A side-parted hairstyle is a style that can flatter most of the various shaped faces. You can add up some chic chignon and play it with some jewels for a definite style that would not only be elegant and sophisticated, but also timeless.

If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, and are thinking that wearing a crown is quite uncomfortable for you, then have your worries melt away because you do not need a crown. You can use some bobby pins and then stud up your sleek hairdo by putting on a few eye-catching crystal hair vines to have an out of the ordinary tiara effect.

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Wedding Centerpieces and Ideas for Your Upcoming Wedding

From the bouquet and the cake, to the catering options and table centrepieces, at some point or another it begins to dawn on every bride and groom, just how much there is to think about. Every detail is down to you and being such a special occasion, the pressure is on to balance personal taste, guest list requirements, venue and budget.

With so many choices out there on everything ‘wedding’, it can be a tad overwhelming. Whether it’s making lists of likes/dislikes, checking out Pinterest or going for a completely bespoke experience, ensure that you have ticked all the boxes of the decision-making process well in advance of the big day. It sounds almost absurd to say that but oh so often we see a soon to be Mr & Mrs leaving things to the last minute.

When it comes to flowers, of course you need to wait until you have your venue in order to dress it accordingly but don’t forget that the little details make a big difference. Floral designs in particular, make a big impact at any wedding… i.e. don’t leave booking for your florist until only a few months to go – get in early and start discussing your options. The things to consider; style, colour theme and most importantly venue space.

There are many ways of narrowing down which kind of flowers you want. Some brides simply go on colour, some on style of flower, some for the associated meaning or personal connotation they have with a particular bud. To help choose the style of the centrepieces however, we do suggest you start with the venue and work backwards. Here’s both the how and why:

Country Pub/Barn Venues

Country style venues are particularly popular for the boho/shabby chic loving bride who of course idealises the outdoors. From beautifully converted barns with traditional beams, a real fireplace and to small intimate country pubs, with these venues, the theme is rustic and the atmosphere, cosy. To be in keeping with the style calls for medium to low centrepieces and floral centrepiece designs using jam jars, mason jars or even fish bowls are particularly of trend when it comes to boho chic and rustic styled weddings. Boho also doesn’t always have to mean budget bound – it’s not all about money, it’s about style. Done well, glass jar inspired flower arrangements are often much more chic than shabby. If the jars don’t quite capture your imagination, then maybe a trending wild flower floral runner will.

Add in some candles to give your design that little ‘something extra’ and your centrepiece will not only delight your guests but work with your venue, rather than against it. The idea of floral arrangements is, after all, to add to your wedding space and accentuate the beauty of it, not pose a battle of styles.

City Wedding Spaces

Urban wedding spaces such as a hall, hotel function room or a restaurant often call for medium to low floral centrepiece designs ranging from vintage teacups and bird cages to trending floral runners, medium height candelabras or varying vases of floating candles and submerged flowers. The world is really your oyster but consider the height of the ceiling and the space in the venue first and don’t aim too high. Creating height with the floral arrangements can, in these cases be counterintuitive – the last thing you want to make the room seem claustrophobic with florals that are saluting the ceiling. Just because your designs are low doesn’t mean that they can’t be as impressive as tall vase arrangements. In fact, low centrepieces really allow both you and floral designer scope to be creative.

Grand 5* Venues

Ballrooms, high ceiling 5* hotel dinning rooms, vaulted roofs and manor house grand halls complete with chandeliers, pillars and floor to ceiling windows are the tall vase, candelabra type venues. These rooms really have some space to fill where low arrangements would get lost amongst the architectural grandeur. Here, aiming high is key and there are plenty of options with which to do this, from fluted vases, and hanging crystals or candles, to 5-arm candelabras and no end of flowers to suit. To add even more height, branches of willow, white birch branches or stems of hanging orchids will do the trick. You might event want to go as far as considering some ceiling florals too, depending on how decorative the ceiling already may be or not be of course.

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Weddings: Flowers Make Beautiful Bouquets

Choosing when to have your big day affects every aspect of how you want your ceremony to look and feel. Seasonal flowers give weddings the best of natural beauty and help you add a colorful touch to your big day. Each season has its own bouquet, from which you can select your perfect look.


In the summer time, flower choices are plentiful. You simply have to choose something that will best fit the feel of your ceremony without worrying too much about seasonal limitations. For example, if you are having an elegant evening affair, dahlias are an excellent choice. Those planning fun, afternoon weddings may benefit from the bold colors found in bluebonnets or snapdragons. Of course, roses are very traditional and work well in almost any setting. If you are looking for something that shouts “summer,” you cannot go wrong with large sunflowers.


In the fall, flower choices are not as versatile as in the summer. However, that does not mean you cannot have a beautiful bouquet. One versatile option is the amaryllis. It can be found in solid red, solid pink, white, or white with either red or pink accents. This makes it a wonderful option for the time of year. For those who want bolder color choice, violets are an exceptional flower. Of course, you can also substitute these plants with small pumpkins or gourds, which are plentiful in autumn.


As with the summer, spring weddings offer more floral options than the fall and winter. For those looking to add a sweet touch to their bouquet, daisies are a perfect choice. You do not have to worry about the right color, as they are easy to dye-this means you can match any color scheme! For a more elegant look, anemone is a good choice. This flower is very simple, yet elegant. However, one of the quintessential springtime flowers is, arguably, the tulip. This option comes in an array of colors, making it perfect for any wedding.


Of course, when it comes to winter, finding seasonal flowers might be a bit of a challenge. You do have a few options, however. For those who are getting married in December, the poinsettia is a wonderful option. The bold reds are synonymous with the season, while the brilliant whites add a touch of elegance to your bouquet. If you are looking for something a little more regal, calla lilies are an excellent choice and work well with a classy evening ceremony.

Many consider the winter drab and colorless, but you can change that perception by spicing up your bouquet with a splash of peonies. Of course, thanks to greenhouses, you can always choose roses if you want something more traditional regardless of season.

Choosing seasonal flowers for weddings can draw in the best parts of the season. With a little research and a lot of imagination, you can find the right style for your big day.

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Ideas for Eye-Catching Bridesmaid Dress Designs

There are many aspects involved in creating the perfect wedding, including picking out a gorgeous wedding dress, finding the perfect venue, booking a good caterer and hiring the best musical entertainment. Another important thing to think about is picking out the right bridesmaid dresses for the occasion too, and this can be more difficult than it first appears.

One thing to consider here is that you will likely have several different people as bridesmaids, each with different body shapes, preferences and skin tones. Picking something to fit all of them at once was always going to be a tricky task, but there are some ways to please your bridesmaids and choose some eye-catching bridesmaid dresses that suit your big day too.

The first step is to take into account the personal preference of your bridesmaids in general, considering how daring they are prepared to go in the cut of their dresses and the length of the hemlines. Your bridesmaids will want to feel comfortable, but this does not mean that you cannot create a show-stopping look anyway.

Of course, the first way to create a really eye catching look is to choose a dress that has an unusual or striking cut. These can include having asymmetrical cuts, high-low hems, long Grecian gowns, 1920s style flapper dresses or anything else that stands out from the crowd. However, take into account the feelings of your bridesmaids before settling on something really unusual.

The second way to make a big impact with your bridesmaid dresses to select some really bold and exciting colors that will really draw the eye. These can include bold blues, pinks, purples and greens, many of which are popular in modern bridesmaids’ dresses anyway.

Many people choose to stick with one block of color to stay within their theme, and this is often popular with bridesmaids and is very flattering. However, you should avoid using colors that may be unflattering to your bridesmaids – after all, a wedding is a very beautiful affair. Pale peach, salmon, brown and skin tones should be avoided, and yellows and golds approached with caution.

However, a mix of colors and some gorgeous patterns on bridesmaid dresses can be an absolutely stunning way to dress your bridesmaids. You can choose floral patterns, watercolour print designs and ombre designs, all of which are eye-catching without going down the road of one block of vibrant color.

The third tip for gorgeous eye-catching bridesmaid dresses is choosing one shade of color by having each dress in a different style. These can include long flowing dresses, cocktail dresses, summer dresses and almost any other design. The key here is that the shade of color must be the same in order to unite the theme.

It is also important for the dresses to all have the same level of formality – some should not be scruffy whilst others are extremely expensive looking and classy. Often, a store selling wedding and bridesmaid dresses will be able to help you here, picking out several smart but different designs from their choice all in the same color shade.

This is a great solution for eye-catching bridesmaid dresses that please the bridesmaids too – not only can they wear a dress that they feel comfortable in, but this creates and unusual and attractive look for your wedding day. If looking for eye-catching bridesmaid dresses, consider the ideas above when picking out these garments.

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Tips for a Floral Themed Wedding Decor

Decor plays a major role in any wedding. It adds character to any venue and creates the ambience for the occasion. The best seller for any wedding decor is a floral theme. It is the most adaptable and perfect for any season. All you need is the right kind of flowers. We give you some brilliant ideas to make your wedding look prettier with flowers. You can also log onto any of the good matrimony sites to get more ideas.

Deck up the Mandap with flowers – The wedding mandap is the most important part of any wedding venue as the actual wedding takes place there. So it’s important to doll it up beautifully and what better way than with flowers. Choose the flower colours as per the general colour scheme of the wedding or according to the bride’s attire and have the whole mandap covered with flower garlands from top to bottom.

Flower Backdrop – Have a floor-to-ceiling backdrop with greens and colour coordinated exotic flowers like lilies and orchids to set the scene for pretty wedding pictures. Contrast the flowers with the wedding attire of the bride and the groom to make for perfect pictures.

Floral Centerpieces – You could have beautiful flower decorations as centerpieces for the dinner counters, snack tables or even at the seating areas. Add a twist to it and have contrasts with some centerpieces with only greens while others with vibrant flowers.

Floral Chandeliers – If you are having an indoor wedding then you could have floral chandeliers. Arrange some upside down stems of carnations in white on the chandeliers. They will transform your light fixtures into beautiful chandeliers and also look different from the usual flower arrangements.

Floating Florals – If your venue has a pool you could do up the pool with some floating flower arrangements. Don’t go with the regular arrangements. You could have a monogram of the couple’s initials on a bed of moss and have floating candles to add to the effect. This will make for jaw-dropping aesthetics.

Floral Rangoli – Rangolis are synonymous with any auspicious occasion in India. Usually, they are made with colours but to add a different flavour you could have a floral rangoli made with marigold flowers. It will make for a great way to decorate the entrance and also the mandap.

Flower decorations for the dining area – If you plan to have a sit down dinner at your wedding then you can have some unique decoration arrangements. For instance you can have some decoration around the plates to give it a festive look.

Innovative flower ideas with crockery – You could have innovative cocktail stirrers with flowers wrapped around the top of the stirrer. Use smaller flowers so that they fit snug. They would look good and also go well with the floral wedding theme. You could dress up a table setting attaching a single long lasting bloom like a rose on a piece of wire and pin it into a napkin ring. It will be elegance personified.

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Choosing a Color for Your Wedding Dress

The most traditional Western wedding dresses come in all different shades of white, each of these different colors more for different skin tones and tastes. However, the more adventurous can now find more colorful options on the market too, ideal for standing out from the pack and celebrating a truly unique wedding.

Many major brands such as Marisa and Allure bridal wedding dresses have several different shades of white for you to consider first, as you may well find that going down the traditional route is better for you. If you do this, simply be aware that there will be better shades to suit your natural coloring.

It is often recommended that very fair skinned brides choose more ivory shades in their wedding gowns, since dark skinned women can opt for almost every shade of white for their dress. Skins with yellow undertones often do very well with pure white dresses, and tanned skins look particularly nice with richer, cream colored whites.

This is just a brief guide to whites that you can wear, so try out a few of the different ones above and see just how they work together with your particular skin tone. If you notice that the tips given above are correct but you are not particularly happy anyway with this particular colour, you can always try something more dramatic.

It is a less traditional choice than classic white Pronovia or Allure bridal wedding dresses, but selecting a brighter shade of color can actually look stunning. You may already have a color in mind that suits your tastes and your theme, but if not, why not consider the options below.

Firstly, one option that is very popular is keeping a white dress but with a splash of bright color thrown in. This helps blend the traditional and the modern, and helps you stand out without looking too bold or garish. One common choice is a streak of color running down the back of the dress and throughout the dress train.

This particular style can be especially eye catching and very flattering, drawing the eye down the back of the dress. Another option for a splash of colour includes a white dress with colorful motifs, such as black, grey or pinks flowers or beaded lace. This is a way of adding extra embellishment to your gown that will really turn heads, without going too bold with color.

Other colors that can look great as wedding dresses include soft pastels, such as pale yellows, lilacs, pinks and blues. All of these can be sumptuous and delicate, and you have more choice here for a dress that will flatter you in particular.

Despite the boom in the popularity of soft pastels as great colors for your wedding dress, some prefer even bolder shades. Really unusual colors that work well for wedding dresses include dramatic shades such as deep jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and ruby, or striking black and white designs. Be careful not to choose a color that is too garish or bright for best results.

Deeper and richer colors also work best when they are paired with a truly dramatic dress style, with plenty of frills and taffeta, length and width. To distinguish your colored wedding gown from a regular ball gown, a really dramatic and sumptuous cut should be chosen.

Whether you settle for classically beautiful white Allure bridal wedding dresses or something far more daring, you can make almost any color work for you at your wedding. All you need to be aware of is ensuring that you choose a color that suits you and the theme of your wedding, and a great cut.

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Things to Consider While Using Wedding Decor

When it comes to weddings, the right décor can completely transform even the simplest of venues into the magical setting you always wanted it to be. This is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that deserves nothing short of the very best of everything. But then, take a moment here to define what makes ‘best’ in terms of the décor for your wedding ceremony? Do you like flowers or lights? Glamour or simplicity? Extravagance or minimalism? What color scheme do you wish to follow? What about the stage – how do you want to make it look prominent? The chairs and tables? The pews and altar? Wow. didn’t think there would be SO MANY choices to make now, did you? Don’t worry – this article is here to sort out most of your confusions. Here is a basic list of things that you should consider when finalizing and using you wedding décor:

Final plans for your celebrations
The eventual proceedings that you have planned for the day will have a major impact on your decorations. For example, whether the wedding will be indoors or outdoors? Are you planning a church ceremony or an informal event? The schedule, timing, day, predicted weather – all these factors should be taken into account while choosing your wedding décor.

Your overall theme for the day
Everything from the colors to the material used for decorations to the way your furniture has to be arranged will depend on the theme that you have picked out for the day. Picking out a central color scheme from the start will help you match everything related to the central theme perfectly. When it comes to items of wedding decorations, the most popular options are flowers, candles, and ribbons. You can use them in many creative ways to come up with ethereal decorations for a dreamy day.

Priority areas in the venue
Speaking about the decorations for your ceremony, the focus will primarily be on the altar or the altar equivalent as the focus and attention of all the guests will be on it. Some other important areas that will require special focus for décor are the pews and the doorway through which the bride and groom will enter. For the decoration of your reception area, the priority areas are the head table where you will be sitting and which will be the center point of the celebrations. Next choose some stunning centerpieces for the tables, décor for the entrance, and the dance floor.

Your overall budget for the party
This is the last and probably the most important factor to consider when it comes to planning your wedding venue decorations. If you are looking to save some money here, make sure that you keep your purchases to a minimum. Instead, choose wedding furniture and décor rental services and get the right items to deck up your venue without breaking the bank.

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The right wedding décor is the key to making this special moment unforgettable. So if you are planning to get married soon, then don’t forget to consider these things while using wedding décor.